The First

so this is my first blog. well, since this is my first blog, the first thing that hits my head is that everything in life has a first of everything. i mean, if there was no first, there would be no second, and hence the third, the fourth, the eighth and the thirtieth. thirtieth november is my birthday by the way.

but we are digressing from the topic. the topic is first. Man, as an intelligent being, is always apprehensive of the first everything, because often, his experience of that becomes his perennial perception of that activity. First is important. the first college exam, the first car drive on a busy road, first love. first night of walking alone on a lonely path, with the moon sparkling on you. first job. first pet. first home. and this is my first blog.

till the second, we depart, hoping for happiness, good health and restoration of peace in the middle east. We shall also pray together so that God provides me with a porsche and Lindsay Lohan by the time i post my second write.


5 thoughts on “The First

  1. arre pal..if u wanted lindsay lohan,pehle bolta..don bother god for tat..MAIN HOON n 1st’s matter a lot buddy.. remember t 1st visit to college..garlend wielding babes all over..jesus christ!still can’t get over t gud start i’ll say..lukin forward to some spell-binding stuff..joshi style!

  2. There is an adage‘ Naya ek din ka, Purana sau din ka’So on the cost of being called a cliched response i would say though first is important what comes after it is more. The first kiss one has is the starting… and then there is much more to one.. lolz…Great bigning…

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  4. Joshi!! read your blog for the first time. Total Joshi style.. I am sitting in a seminar which makes no sense to me. Your blog was a better way to spend 1 never returning important hr of my life!!

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