Saturday walks and musings

Another saturday.

i wonder if i would really want another day like saturday in the week. although i love it, any more of it would dampen its exclusivity.

woke up at seven! my body clocks been institutionalized! its a weekend and well it goes kaboom at seven. and i woke u to a room filled with cold breeze. tucked myself tighter in the quilt, grasped the pillow closer to the face. dint help, the breeze beseeched me to rise.

and there i was in the terrace, with my cup of tea. there are so many trees here, they bring in the acoustics with the wind. leaves have a way of making the breeze more tangible.

then some work. ill fast forward the mundane.. so i returned home at five and hit bed. woke up at seven again, something with the number. and took a long, long walk alone.

the locality is really beautiful. they’ve done a good job preserving the trees with the homes they’ve erected. i think trees are so so important to make one feel connected with his world. not flower pots, not overdone fake gardens. trees. maybe because i am a pahaadi, i kind of like things greener!

coming back to the walk, i just followed the street, went deeper, saw old homes, new homes, pretty homes, poor homes. big cars, small cars, small children, not so small children doing not so innocent things :p

and i returned home. another cup of tea at ten. closed my eyes, and thought- maybe while it lasts, the world isnt such a bad place. we take a lot for granted, which is not right. maybe things are always better simple.


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