Maa kasam…

.. This time I won’t stop blogging.

Two times I started and stopped. And I blame you heartless people for it, who visit but leave without dropping a comment. (Yes, I could be generating propaganda by saying people atleast visit, if not comment. Live with it. )

Not this time. Hell yeah. I’m flexing my muscles and vowing to blog till the end of time, till the hills come crashing down, till the advent of web 3.0. Now my hands are hurting with all the flexing. Ouch.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what web 3.0 means, or what web 2.0 was supposed to be. Nobody does.

Hell yeah. *Flexes muscles hard.

I’m relocating to Chandigarh. Ya, with Infosys only. The next few months will be about packing bag Fridays and going to Delhi for the weekend. I’ll miss Bangalore, the home it has been for six years. I’m moving out in two weeks. This is the hardest time. You know you’re going to leave, and it’ll be a sudden change. You know you can’t comprehend wats happening to you, you want it to hit you but it wont. Because its all still there, right in front of you. But you know it wont be soon enough. Déjà vu. Too much on the mind, and Radiohead in the ear. Let it be.

India won its second final against Australia. (Second final? Got it? Got it?) We all stood up from our office seats and clapped, and complete strangers on the floor waived in congratulations at each other. This is when even a detached cricket-illiterate like me can’t keep away from the game’s binding power. Nice!


8 thoughts on “Maa kasam…

  1. this is the first time i have ‘read’ your blog….i was compelled to actually!you didnt answer my question…When do you ‘cum’ on messenger??

  2. dude which muscles are u flexing ????anyhows, since ur such a glutton for shit ass comments from lame ass pple, i will oblige.they will make no sense (as usual), but will be present to mock ur crappy blog.(please mark ur self as away/busy when ur cumming on mesnger with Mr B. hell thats gonna be the shortest busy session ever)

  3. holy cow ! you in the land of sardars… ahem ahem…dude, seriously, I checked my msgs on orkut after 7-8 months and found you waiting for my comments. why do you wait for everyone’s ‘cum’ments?? sure as hell you do create lota ‘cum’ments yourself… we all know you do 😛wassup yo?! kidaaan…keep in touch!

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