Today at the theka…

dhobi and i were out on another one of our purposeless, directionless evening strolls. i’d had the laziest weekend, u know the kinds in which ure so lazy to move you take one big meal at 12 noon to escape the miserable hunger cycle for the day? those kinds. anyways. so we were like, walking. and as always, dhobi was testing my patience. with his unholy comments. dog.

so towards the end of the walk, we decide to down a beer. so we go to the theka. and we’re downing beer. our cook calls and says hell be home in ten minutes. cook’s name is tapan by the way. i think its a pretty cool name.

next thing we see, tapan’s at the theka with his homies, getting his drinks on. he saw us, and tried to move away unnoticed, embarrassed as the chap was to pick booze in front of his employers. but then he mustve thought frig it. so he comes walking to us with his homies, and we talk, and he goes in to get some real hard liquor. im talking rum+b52+snacks for under 50 a head. cheap, hard liquor.

guy turns up and hour late to cook, makes crappy daal and worse sabji, and leaves. but we learnt the power of the theka as a melting pot. cheers to tat.


6 thoughts on “Today at the theka…

  1. This is the third roommate here. Another piece of exciting trivia bout ‘tapan’ the cook. He whipped dhobi’s (that’s siddharth for the uninitiated!!) ass in chess. Beat him in 2 out of 3 games!! Our cook actually has the brains and is sharp enough to beat the much hyped, computer savvy Indian techie. What the hell is he cooking for?? Talk about ironies in Indian life..

  2. sihe didnt whip my ass two out of three times. he won the first one cause i didnt pay too much attention to the game. he is a cook after all, and hence my complacency. i won the next and th third was a draw again coz i made a mistake and he got my queen. That said, he plays rather well and yes it’s a shame that he’s a cook. I have an entry under “tapan” on my blog. for those who’re intersted.

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