In Chandigarh

so here we are.

last sunday, my dad got me onto this real dirty bus at kashmere gate. ma, chachu and he came to drop me off. reached chandigarh one in the night. the silence, and the pretty roads were very imposing. and the lad here has travelled on hosur road for a year, so i do seek aesthetics in roads now. hosur IS the proverbial highway to hell.

as the auto approched panchkula, i saw the road and markets giving way to a boulevard with homes so pretty, they made GK look like dharavi. now the boy here has dwelled in flats all his life, so a locality that upmarket was an exciting proposition indeed. then got home. its a room on the top floor of a retired couple’s bungalow. the highlight is a huge balcony that overlooks a park, and hills make up the view on the left.

im quick to fall in love with any place, and its been no different here. fast forwarding dull office details, first day post work, i wandered sector 7 for three hours. sector-7 market is a compact sarojini nagar, chaat shops included. i’ve had golgappas at chaman jee(sector 7’s nathu’s) every single day till now. expensive i must say, 5 suji golgappas for 15; but the affluent panchkula folks dont seem to mind.

i’m learning to ride the bike too. roomie’s got a bike. if i dont learn here, on these deserted, pretty roads, i never will learn. considering im not learning anything on the job, i might as well learn bike riding.

all else same. in my head, im still in bangalore. and this is a break. i guess ill be in bangalore in my mind for a long long time. and i see nothnig wrong with that.

3 thoughts on “In Chandigarh

  1. chandigarh, hot millions..:) (ive never liked a hamburger as much, i guess childhood preferences are hard to top)why is the lens purple? (i havent read the whole blog, or is it something everybody gets and i didnt??)

  2. does the “nice apartment with balcony and all…huh” beat 403…? answer carefully ma boy, th answer shall go a long way in deciding how we spend time in goa. that said panchkula is as good as it gets.. its bangalore of the 60s..retired peoples haven. no traffic. Good whether, Huge houses.. NO APARTMENTS. I hope it stays this way. But I know it shall not. Not with Infy setting up offices in its vicinity.

  3. beer abuse, potholed roads and 20 deg cel…Joshi, don’t do this man. you’re making me miss home like never before. some charm b’lore has man. the barista on mg’s, kc das and koshy’s. money’s a bitch man, takes away more than it gives you…

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