If you havent shut yourself out from the world outside, unlike a certain mr. edward scissorhands, you must’ve read of the “techie who killed his wife and hanged self.” someone by the name of amit budhiraja.

he was from my product’s team. he was a biggie, and a gentleman at work. never showed any signs of “psychotic behavior” as the media claims he suffered from. his conduct and his professionalism stood out.

do a google search on his name. read the first ten articles, and youll see media has dug and exploited every detail it could. a recent article extended the story to talk of how more and more couples sleep outside the relationship. some garbage. there are polls on the internet, asking ppl who they thought was right, who was wrong in this relationship. something about amit epitomizing the conservative male from a patriarchal delhi society, not having been able to handle a liberated, socially active mumbai female for a wife. about how techies today, in their quest for money, have lost all values and contorl over their own lives. the incident was leveraged to paint a grim picture of a techie’s life. would sell well in the dainik bhaskars and the feminas, reckon i.

i dont care about these stories, really. the man committed a horrible crime, and the One above will deliver justice in His own way. i am just angry at a media that would leave no oppotunity to squeeze the blood out of an opportunity, however sensitive it may be. people who died have acquaintances, family and friends, who will have to live with all this stigmatized perceptions of their loved ones their whole lifetimes.

3 thoughts on “Dissectron

  1. dude so with u on the bloody news media bull crap.their BREAKING EXCLUSIVEs are worth less than my soiled toilet paper.long live 808.

  2. Why is this not surprising, in the age of aaj tak and star news.. Crappy headlines such as ‘Khali ne John Cena ko dho dala!!’ and Breaking News such as ‘Khali pite hai doodh’ and ‘Boy rescued after 2 hours in well’. Im sure emerging India has other pressing issues.. Who says competition breeds quality!

  3. good one jo. unfortunately, i get to exp less of this cos for the past 2 yrs i’ve been picking ‘the hindu’ over the (waste of media space) TOI. (on a lighter note) i see such things crop up each time an arsenal defender handles a ball in the D and gives ManU a winning penalty! 😛 the guy’s murdered by the media man…i feel for him. arsenal defenders should be encouraged to do this more often…lol.

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