Late night courses get you thinking…

I’ve been busy with my courses. Some pre-reqs I have to do for my masters program. One step closer to the professorship, I keep telling myself.

Truth is i’m not cut out for the industry. make some bucks, get a phd, take a 9-4 job with iisc and philosophize about life, databases and enterprise architecture.



So few weeks back, I decided it was time to confirm to the Punjab male stereotype by building some muscles. I hit the gym, paid 800 rupees. At my salary that’s serious captial invested. Nonetheless, went. First day guy made me run on the treadmill. I’m no Maurice Green but I can run, I guess the guy was impressed with my “show of strength”; that’s where my problems started. Next day guy makes me lift weights Arnold would say “hell no” to. Ok ok it was a 20 kg rod with no weights attached. But it was heavy for me. So my chest, back, arms, soul hurt for 4 days. Been two weeks and haven’t gone to the gym. Bring on the paranthas and the butter.