What’s been up

I finished my exams! A three-month season of backbreaking work ends!

I’ve been waiting to write of my last week’s trip to delhi for a while. they’ve blocked blogs at work, so these things now have to wait for the weekend.

anyways, back to the story. took a shatabdi for home last week. now they charge you 500 bucks for a 250km journey (which is expensive by any measure), and one would expect a train targetting such clientele to have civil passengers. any such notions crumble as soon as the train arrives. people jostle and shove to get on board. now mind you there is no reason to do so; the train stops for good 10 minutes, which is enough time for all passengers to get on, fix their luggage, read hanuman chaalisa and settle down. but no, people must push their way in, hurting seniors and children in the process.

anyways the journey was rather pleasent, thanks to good company. i struck conversation with my fellow passenger, who was, as it unravelled, a senior organic chemistry researcher with ranbaxy. he gave me a rather esoteric perspective of the daichi-ranbaxy deal – a scientist’s perspective. at the end of the chat, which lasted us the whole journey, i realized that lack of innovation is not only a software industry problem. when a scientist complains he/she cant pursue a promising research field because “management does not encourage it”, it becomes clear that as a nation, we need to cover a lot of ground if we want to lead and not follow.

anyways the night after, i took my accounting exam. but all along, my attention did not deviate for a moment from what would follow the exam – a reunion of hostel friends! parkhi, a dear one studying in holland, was passing delhi by on his way to singapore for his internship. so we made his one day stop-over a reunion affair – atirek, vishu, parkhi, pandit and i. now we were all good friends in college, and still are. but life has a way of throwing you around in directions you may not expect, point being, people get entangled in their little worlds. sometimes it takes a friend arriving from holland to make friends living in delhi meet each other!

from saturday night to sunday evening, it was one awesome party. surprisingly quite sober, we spent all our time talking and catching up. a lot of beer was thrown in for good measure. all in all, a good time.

been a week ive been savoring my regained freedom. reading a book, downloading music and taking long walks. feels like a second life!

6 thoughts on “What’s been up

  1. “pleasent”??pleasEnt???u kno wat this means..plejabfjnbckna;emw!totally agree with the pushin n shovin when the train arrives thingy..whats with that? its almost as if its part of the schedule..”9 15:train arrival, 9:17 push em, shove em, kill em!!”

  2. “sometimes it takes a friend arriving from holland to make friends living in delhi meet each other.”couldn’t have said it better my firend. keep the blog rolling 🙂

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