A perfect day

It’s a relaxed day at work. One that gives you half an hour for a coffee after lunch. That it has been raining heavily here in Chandigarh, only makes this Friday sweeter.

I took a rather long run in the morning today. Stepped out of the room totally oblivious to how awesome the weather was. It had rained heavily and the Himanchal valley was all too clear. I took a different route today, and it proved to be a good bet. The road to Manasa Devi temple from Panchkula does not get to see too much traffic. I mean, how many people undertake a pilgrimage on a weekday morning? So I had the road to devour. I hope it remains this pleasant; a good cold morning helps a jogger’s cause.

The product we have been working on will finally be released today, or tomorrow. Yes people work on Saturdays too; I have committed that sin repeatedly much to my own displeasure. Not tomorrow though, I am going home today! So anyways what it means is all work is done. My manager mailed us all in the morning asking us to investigate on our own if there were any standing issues in the software. Now I am a good responsible boy but I don’t work for pleasure. So I’ve been spending my time chilling it while some over-enthusiastic folks are trying to find defects in the software even now, just to earn some brownie points with the manager. To hell with that.

Also, never open an account with Nainital Bank. Yes that’s a real bank registered with the government. I know the probability of a non-pahaadi (pahaadi = native of Himanchal/Uttaranchal) opening an account with these guys is lower than Paris Hilton’s IQ, but I still thought wise to drop in a word of caution.

This is not because the bank is bad. It’s decent, reliable, service is good. But somehow it does not understand that a total disregard for globalization and technology is not going to bring or retain customers. It does not deal in forex, it does not have e-banking, no atms, it does not issue foreign education loans maybe because its managers still view leaving home shores as blasphemy. Whatever be the reason, my family has finally relinquished their holdings with this ancient masterpiece for a more competent HSBC. The events leading to this were numerous but in no way bitter. Dad suddenly needed a bank that had SWIFT facilities, and I needed a bank that would issue a foreign education loan against our account.

Ending with a sardar joke. I liked it :O)

Prince Charles & Sardarji were having dinner.
Prince said, “Pass the wine you divine”.
Sardar thinks “how poetic”
Sardar says, “pass the custard you bastard”.


2 thoughts on “A perfect day

  1. two things that amuse me:1. haha, pahaadi! we trical studaants use to ‘respectfully’ call Nishant Rana (sada yaar), pahaadi 😛2. why would charles call a surdy, ‘divine’??!! well, but then wasn’t he the guy having an affair with camilla parker ‘my balls’, with a wife like Diana!

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