Embracing the ordinary

I am an ordinary boy with ordinary needs. I do not seek extraordinary things, because their achievement would at first require their understanding, which inherently lies beyond my ordinary thinking. Yet, this world does not accept mediocrity, not explicitly. A job done well enough is not a job done good enough. Job done well enough, however, if projected, or defended, as a job done best possible, is accepted, if not applauded.

Even then, in a world we view as the survival of the fittest, the ordinary survive. Happily, joyfully, they do their time. And beyond the clutter and the chaos, life simply decomposes to time quantums lived well enough. I reject extraordinary, and leave its pursuit to those who seek it. I continue, as an ordinary boy with ordinary needs.

3 thoughts on “Embracing the ordinary

  1. my man…i remember boca once mentioning you being and ‘extra’ordinary boy with ordinary ‘needs’. ahem ahem. anyway, watch ‘body of lies’ if you liked ‘spygame’. good shit. have a fantabulous Diwali buddy! 🙂

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