Fast forward a year, and we are in New Delhi….

I usually find myself struggling to maintain blogs. I start motivated, and find myself juggling a number of ideas I wish to write about. Over time, most of those ideas lose relevance or are simply lost. 

Nevertheless, here I am writing a post after a gap of more than a year. And boy, an eventful year it has been. Tied the knot in November with Mansi, thus successfully closing my “love” project I started with her in class 11th. We moved to Berkeley, spent many months learning to be married in the Bay area. Then this year, we returned to Delhi in August. I had a strong desire to come back home, and realized I was reaching the “now or never” point. With a lot of zealous support from family, I returned to the house I left in 2002 to study engineering in Bangalore.

On returning, Mansi and I spent a lot of time traveling. The most memorable trip was Kerala, on which I hope to write a blog very soon (I made notes on the trip!). Here’s a Sunset we caught in Kerala:


In October, I got in touch with a few bright young folks in Delhi, looking to build a startup. Since I am in my “one life, try what you love” groove, I instantly offered to join them. We call ourselves Outline India, and aim to be a trusted field survey agency for academics and researchers interested in learning more about India through social, economic, policy or business research. It’s exciting times, and I hope to write about our work soon as well.

So all in all, that’s been the year. Winters are here in Delhi, and I’m back to 2 cups of chai in the morning. For now, there’s peace.



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