A trip to Neemrana – Part 1

For our anniversary, Mansi and I spent an evening at the Neemrana fort. Built in 1464, this fort was the capital of the Chauhans (the clan Prithviraj Chauhan belonged to). The fort is at once majestic, tranquil and a step back in time. If you’re visiting Delhi and have an evening to spare, spend it here. It’s 120 KM from Delhi, and you can easily cab it from Delhi. Now, let’s tour the fort…



5 thoughts on “A trip to Neemrana – Part 1

      1. Also happens to my b’day that day 🙂 Tell me something, did you drive to Neemrana from Delhi? I’m going with my mother, so just wanted to make sure if the drive was clean (the highway was undergoing construction until this year Jan).

      2. The drive is clean. No major construction going on right now that will choke the drive.It should take you 3 hours to reach from Delhi – you might catch some traffic between Gurgaon and Manesar. We rented a cab (and a driver) for a day, which cost us Rs.4200 including the driver’s lodging charges.

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