TV, the pacifying drug

Although I diligently pay for my Tata Sky connection every month, I make it a point to never watch any TV. The only times TV and I come face-to-face is :

  1. Late weekend nights when I cannot sleep. Those nights are rare
  2. When I wish to play podcasts or some Youtube videos using ChromeCast – happens on weekends when I run home errands, because I need a distraction when doing laundry and dishes
  3. When some family turns up to stay with Mansi and me, and we end up watching TV before crashing for the night. This is one of those nights

Every time I watch TV, I am filled with complete contempt and disgust for the prime-time content people are hooked to. It’s not that good content on TV is not possible – sometimes, life gives you the occasional Breaking Bad, or the Wire. Then why is most stuff on TV downright stupid, vulgar, and intellectually offensive?

Then, on thinking about it, it makes sense. Most watch TV to escape life, escape their worries. Good cinema makes you think, and connects you to your feelings. Cable TV exists to serve as anesthesia, people wish for anesthesia. Hence, trashier is better I believe.

I’ll now take a deep breath and let go of the hate.

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