Sensationalism and naivete : complimentary sins

My Twitter feed has been abuzz with Donald Trump updates. Latest news tells me he’s cruising ahead in the polls – primaries will clarify the truth of it.

What’s been remarkable though, is how inspite of him insulting the media and even calling them “scum”, the media cannot seem to get enough of him. American media is behaving much like insecure people, who tend to gravitate towards those who abuse them. He’s spending the least on PR and getting the most coverage. To me, the reasons seem to be :

– he says outrageous, sensational things that grab eyeballs

– a lot of people actually buy his shit, thinking he’s the chosen one who will truly make America great again. Little reminiscent of Modi’s “Acche Din” campaign that was a huge hit in India

I see three dangerous factors collaborating to fuel Trump’s rise :

– the human preference for optimism and flash over the trite but substantial

– people being naive enough to believe Trump’s promises, who’s a master at media and people manipulation

– Crappy competition – Hillary who? An Elon Musk against Trump would be a viable option, not Hillary!

It will be a tragedy if Trump is able to sustain the momentum and win the Presidency. He’s too self obsessed to do things that are right for either America, or other countries. He’s too trigger happy – given his proclivity to shoot from the hip even when ignorant eg his comment to “close internet down”.

Hope American people see the light and elect somebody saner, who can continue to at least support status quo if not improve it. Trump will just make things worse.