Antoine Dufour

Dufour is a Canadian guitarist, recently came up on th international scene. He plays the acoustic and his playing is very reminiscent of Dan Ross’s. You can listen to most of his stuff free on

My friend Aishwarya introduced me to his music, and I must say that if you are an instrumental lover, you will surely love his stuff.


Friends getting married

tomorrow, my classmate from college is getting married.

i graduated from college last year in june. it’s been a year ( just or otherwise is open to personal interpretation). my university number was 46, and savi’s was 47. so we were lab partners pretty much through 4 years of college.

tomorrow, she’s getting married. I mean that’s so cool! My batchmates are getting married.

Lots of food coming my way tomorrow evening. Brilliant.

Saturday walks and musings

Another saturday.

i wonder if i would really want another day like saturday in the week. although i love it, any more of it would dampen its exclusivity.

woke up at seven! my body clocks been institutionalized! its a weekend and well it goes kaboom at seven. and i woke u to a room filled with cold breeze. tucked myself tighter in the quilt, grasped the pillow closer to the face. dint help, the breeze beseeched me to rise.

and there i was in the terrace, with my cup of tea. there are so many trees here, they bring in the acoustics with the wind. leaves have a way of making the breeze more tangible.

then some work. ill fast forward the mundane.. so i returned home at five and hit bed. woke up at seven again, something with the number. and took a long, long walk alone.

the locality is really beautiful. they’ve done a good job preserving the trees with the homes they’ve erected. i think trees are so so important to make one feel connected with his world. not flower pots, not overdone fake gardens. trees. maybe because i am a pahaadi, i kind of like things greener!

coming back to the walk, i just followed the street, went deeper, saw old homes, new homes, pretty homes, poor homes. big cars, small cars, small children, not so small children doing not so innocent things :p

and i returned home. another cup of tea at ten. closed my eyes, and thought- maybe while it lasts, the world isnt such a bad place. we take a lot for granted, which is not right. maybe things are always better simple.

Fine weather

A twenty minute walk on my terrace is all i need to end my day.

everything falls into perspective in those twenty minutes- the screw ups, the plans, thoughts. its june and the wind’s like its straight from nepal! and to believe back home in Delhi, some people died of loo. wheres the balance in the world? maybe in gate’s account.

today this friend at work used an ocean’s thirteen line a hundred times- “you’re just an analog player in a digital world.” drilled it in, its stuck to my brain now.


i love Saturdays so much.

i used to like fridays more. but then the world got polarized, and because i am neither with the west nor with the east, ill pick my favourite day between their holidays. politically correct comes at a price.

more than that, i get to sleep on saturday afternoons.

but i love saturdays. and katie holmes.

now i am distracted.

Best part of my day

Theres this food court in office… it overlooks the golf course. brilliant sight, lush green fields to face while you eat your vada. tats all u get there. best part of my day.

and oh, the tea there is nice. dude puts more milk than a cow can produce in a day, but its nice… especially when it rains.